QML 播放 http 协议开头的视频流的一些问题

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    在 Window 7 下,使用 QML 的 MediaPlayer 播放在线视频时打印如下错误码:

    DirectShowPlayerService::doSetUrlSource: Unresolved error code 800c0005


    然后在 QML video element and UNC paths 这个帖子中发现了一些线索。

    以下为 mattlc 的帖子

    After many different codec tests, I still have a problem but I can focus on it much more precisely.
    I installed MPC in order to have a stable directshow player.
    With the codec tweak tools, I disabled all third part codecs and I was able to play a local mp4 file by using native DTV/DVD windows codec on MPC and Qt Player.
    I also tried q remote http mp4 file :
    on MPC : OK (using quartz.dll = DirectShow Source Filters for remote files and haali splitter.ax splitter for mp4)
    on Qt Player : KO.
    QtMultimedia fail to find a DirectShow source filter.
    Here is the line which fails in DirectShow Qt Plugin class (DirectShowPlayerService):
    @hr = m_graph->AddSourceFilter(reinterpret_cast<const OLECHAR *>(url.toString().utf16()), L"Source", &source);@
    "m_graph" is a IFilterGraph2 implementation created by the DirectShow "CoCreateInstance" function.
    This class (DirectShowPlayerService) use static GUIDs for building both the graph and the source filter. I didn't managed to find any of these GUID in my available codecs and in directshow api reference.
    Can you or anyone tell me if this sound like a Qt bug or a wrong codec environment ?
    Thanks a lot.
    @fas.ysk : thanks for all of your help

    大体就是 Qt 插件加载 m_graph->AddSourceFilter(reinterpret_cast<const OLECHAR *>(url.toString().utf16()), L"Source", &source); 这段代码执行失败,无法加载 http 协议的视频流。

    具体的 bug 描述在 Implementation of DirectShow in QtMultimediaKit can be incomplete.

    解决方案,暂时没有,或许安装 LAV 或者其他 ShowDirect 的解码器就可以解决吧。。。

    或者使用使用 QtAV。


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    @qyvlik 这个的确是一个问题,DirectShow无法获取在线的视频,但是却可以获取在线的音频。

  • @jcy 继续跟进,在取消 Aero 特效后,qml 就可以播放 http 的视频流了。怎么回事。

  • @jcy 好吧,其实就是移动宽带的锅,看不了视频就是移动宽带丧心病狂的屏蔽了一堆网站。

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    @qyvlik 原来是这样。哎,播放远程的视频的确有很多的原因会失败啊。