Qt 5.6.1 Released

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    Qt 5.6.1 Released

    Published Wednesday June 8th, 2016
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    Qt 5.6.1 has been released today. Since Qt 5.6 is long-term supported for three years, there will still be more patch releases to come. While the patch releases do not bring new features, they do contain security fixes, error corrections and general improvements. The New Qt Creator 4.0.1 is included in the Qt 5.6.1 offline installer packages.

    Qt 5.6.0, released in March after a long maturation phase, was the first long-term supported Qt 5 release and focused mainly on maturity and stability. The Qt 5.6.1 patch release continues this focus, bringing over 800 improvements on top of the already solid Qt 5.6.0 release. A special thanks goes out to all the community contributors for providing their input, reporting errors and assisting in how to best reproduce bugs. In addition to help with bug reporting from our community, one third of the commits to Qt come from others than developers of The Qt Company –solid proof that the Qt open governance model is working well and that we are improving Qt together.

    Out of the over 800 improvements, there are many error corrections across all modules of Qt, as well as updates to the documentation and various translations of Qt. Qt 5.6.1 also provides some non-critical security fixes in the Qt framework and in 3rd party libraries. For example, Chromium and libpng have been updated to include the latest upstream security fixes. For more details, please review the Change files of Qt 5.6.1.

    The new Qt Creator 4.0.1 is included in the Qt 5.6.1 packages, please read the Qt Creator 4.0 release blog post and the Qt Creator 4.0.1 change log for further details.

    If you are using the online installer, Qt 5.6.1 and Qt Creator 4.0.1 can be updated using the maintenance tool. Offline packages are available for commercial users in the Qt Account portal and at the qt.io Download page for open-source users.

  • @realfan Qt 5.6.1发布了,我们迫不及待地想要尝试一下呢。今天晚上什么其它事儿也不做了,就重新下载Qt 5.6.1!

  • @jiangcaiyang123 我还是在等 Qt 5.7 的 Qt3D 文档。

  • @qyvlik 嗯,可以等等。Qt 3D即将成为一个小的生态圈了,很多的插件都是围绕这个进行的。😆

  • @jiangcaiyang123 前两天装了5.7的rc版,里面的Qt 3D可以用,帮助文档也有。

  • @realfan rc 的Qt3D 文档全不全?

  • @qyvlik Qt3D需要有一定了解三维渲染的知识。



  • 我似乎找到原因了, 似乎是因为骁龙845是64位架构, 但我不确定,构建一个arm64-v8a的qt versions应该能证明一下, 那么问题来了.....

  • @大黄老鼠 要启用深度测试:

    glEnable( GL_DEPTH_TEST );

  • @青山白云 纹理滤波的选择,可以让纹理放大或者缩小的时候避免失真。还有一个叫做Anisotropic的扩展,中文名是各向异性采样,是更高级也是更好看的一个。

  • 纹理滤波


    滤镜 描述 GL_NEAREST 取最邻近像素 GL_LINEAR 线性内部插值 GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST 最近多贴图等级的最邻近像素 GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR 在最近多贴图等级的内部线性插值 GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST 在最近多贴图等级的外部线性插值 GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR 在最近多贴图等级的外部和内部线性插值