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  • 离线安装包的下载地址是:coding源github源

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  • 看到过很多代码都有用这个

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  • 做得还不错的嘛。希望继续呢。

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  • 首先我看到的就是option选项。这个选项在cmake中的文档是这样的:

    Now let us consider making the MathFunctions library optional. In this tutorial there really isn’t any reason to do so, but with larger libraries or libraries that rely on third party code you might want to. The first step is to add an option to the top level CMakeLists file.

    # should we use our own math functions? option (USE_MYMATH "Use tutorial provided math implementation" ON)

    This will show up in the CMake GUI with a default value of ON that the user can change as desired. This setting will be stored in the cache so that the user does not need to keep setting it each time they run CMake on this project. The next change is to make the build and linking of the MathFunctions library conditional. To do this we change the end of the top level CMakeLists file to look like the following:

    # add the MathFunctions library? # if (USE_MYMATH) include_directories ("${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/MathFunctions") add_subdirectory (MathFunctions) set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} MathFunctions) endif (USE_MYMATH) # add the executable add_executable (Tutorial tutorial.cxx) target_link_libraries (Tutorial ${EXTRA_LIBS}) 参考来源:这里


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